Wednesday, January 14, 2015

First Days in London

Made it over to London safely! Yesterday was a long day of travel. Arrived at 7:30 and had to sit in the airport until 1:30, and then arrived to campus around 2.  Today was the first full day of orientation, which was very long. We were given so much information about how things on campus work. Then we were given tours of the campus, Twickenham, and Teddington. They were very helpful because on the tours of the town they pointed out where to go shopping and which places were cheapest. The campus tour was helpful since everything here is new to me. We then had a tea party and had a chance to meet some other students. Tomorrow is another full day of orientation where we find out our courses we will take, and meet the teachers that we will have. Saturday will be the best day because we have a day tour of London! I am quickly learning that you really have to listen to what people say because they speak very quietly compared to Americans. The food here is also not the best, edible but not as good as food from home!

Here are two pictures from today

This is a room where some classes are held, it is part of the Strawberry Hill House

Thames River in Teddington

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