Sunday, March 8, 2015

Two Months In

Well this week has been one of the crazier ones since I have been here. I had my first few deadlines which was very stressful, we celebrated a few birthdays, and then had a day trip to Bath and Stonehenge. My first essay of the semester was due on Tuesday and it was a very stressful process. There is so much more to do in order to hand in a paper than at home. For example I had to print off all the articles I referenced and turn them in. Once I had it handed in there was a big weight lifted off of me. Then on Wednesday night we celebrated a few birthdays by going out. It was a late night, but very fun.

Me & Caitlynn

Me & Chrissi

Just waiting for the bus in the telephone booth

On Friday I went into the city with some girls and we visited some book shops and platform 9-3/4.

The next exciting thing didn't happen until Saturday when I went on a bus tour to Bath and Stonehenge. I was not really sure what was in Bath, but I loved it. We had an hour to visit the Roman Baths and then an hour to explore and get lunch. I definitely wish I had more time to explore this town. After spending two hours there, we got back on the bus for an hour drive to Stonehenge. Before going here everyone asked me why I would want to go look at rocks, although it sounds boring I really enjoyed it.

 I now have an easy few weeks coming up which will be nice again. I do have a few deadlines that I have to work on. My next trip is in two weeks when I go to Scotland and then I am headed to Budapest for 5 days with Sarah. It is hard to believe I have almost been here for two whole months. It feels like i just got here last week, I never realized how fast my time would go.

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